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o. Property Detail Report



The Property Detail Report provides further information on the active property, including a picture, if available. It is accessed by clicking on the Property Detail Report icon in the Search Results.


How does the icon appear in the Search Results?


  • When using the map to obtain information on a property, the Map Identify icon must be clicked on the desired property and then Add to Results must also be clicked for the property to appear in the Search Results area.
  • If the Text Only Search is used then the results will automatically appear in the Search Results.


The Property Detail Report has four main sections:

  • Property Information – always in report
  • Value Information – always in report. Different information will appear based on the Valuation Method used.
  • Land Information – may be in report, if relevant to the Valuation Method used
  • Building/Improvement Information - may be in report, if relevant to the Valuation Method used, and if the property has buildings.


The user can click on the underlined words, which are linked Glossary words, and a pop-up will provide a definition. The user has the choice to close the pop-up or link directly to the Glossary.


The “collapse triangle” or “expand triangle” to the right of each section of the report can be used to shrink or enlarge the report as desired.


If SAMAView has a picture of an improved property it can be viewed by clicking on “View Picture”. There can be more than one picture for a property – use the left and right arrow to move through the pictures. If “View Picture” does not appear to the right of the Property Information section, then SAMA does not have any photos for that property.


The Property Detail Report also has a small-scale map of the property that can be seen when “View Map” is clicked on. The map can be closed by clicking on the .


The Property Detail Report can be viewed online and/or printed. It can be printed by clicking on the printer icon in the top right hand corner of the report or by using the printer in the toolbar. If there is more than one picture available for the property, then the picture that currently appears on the screen is the one that would be printed.


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