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l. Civic Address Search Option


In Saskatchewan urban areas, properties may or may not have a civic address (number, street name, postal code). The user can enter a civic street address and SAMAView will show a list of properties on the specified street that matches the selection area. The user can then select the desired property from the list or from the map.



1. Choose a municipality


2. Choose a search option

The user clicks on “Civic Address”.


3. a. Choose a street name

The user can use the scroll bar to the right to navigate to the desired street name. The user can also type the first few letters of the street, which will shorten the drop-down list. The user clicks on the street name.


3. b. Choose a civic number

The user enters the civic number in the search box.


Click on the Search button to start the search.


Note: The Civic Address Search uses the exact addresses as have been entered in SAMA’s database, which potentially could have errors such as incorrect spellings etc.


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