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i. Contact Us Link


The Contact Us link provides an online email form that automatically selects the correct regional office for the first listed Search Result. It also automatically selects the local and toll free phone numbers for the same region. If the user does not have any Search Results then the default is the Central Office. The user may select a different Regional Office/Central Office or phone number if desired. The user is also reminded that the Our Offices link provides further details on the municipalities in each Regional Office.


The user is encouraged to use the email form if they have any questions, specific requirements or comments to make. Users are also informed that inquiries will normally be contacted within 3 business days. The exception would be queries involving technological problems with SAMAView – in that situation, users are expected to check back at a later time to the website.


By email

The email form has boxes for the user to either fill in or click on a drop down menu:


-   Name and email address


-   Subject

  There are six choices in a drop down menu:

  • General problems
  • Technical problems with the website
  • Questions on property details
  • Report incorrect property information
  • Request missing property information


-   Comments

The user is directed to use the Comments box to enter the details of their inquiry. All the properties in the Search Results will automatically appear in the Comments box as Assessment ID numbers under “Results:” – the user can delete or modify these as needed. If the user did not have any Search Results then they are requested to provide a property identifier such as the Assessment ID number or legal land description. The user can also leave a full daytime phone number, including area code if they wish to be contacted by phone.


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